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Unfortunately, we often find that people know little about travelling by motorhome through Catalonia. That is a pity because Catalonia has so much to offer, especially for campervans and motorhomes. To increase awareness among our foreign visitors and locals, here is a small list of things Catalonia hast to offer and we put it in perspective by comparing it to other countries.


With its 32,000 km2, Catalonia is as big as Belgium and Luxembourg combined, so you can easily make a weekend trip or a real motorhome road trip through Catalonia without having to drive the same road twice. The great thing is that the distances between the different points are small. Therefore, you can enjoy many B-roads and nice little villages along the way.


Catalonia has a Mediterranean coastline with a length of more than 500 km (comparable to the Dutch or German North Sea coast), with the rugged Costa Brava in the north and beautiful sandy beaches in the south. With famous historical coastal towns like Cadaquez, Calella de Palafrugell, Tossa de mar and Sitges.


In the Pyrenees, you will find peaks of over 3,000 metres such as the Pica d’Estats, which for example, surpasses the highest mountain in Germany. Even in summer you can admire snow-capped mountain peaks. Our motorhomes have a power output of 160 HP so even the Pyrenees are no problem. If there is a chance of snow, please select snow chains in the extra options when booking.

Nature reserves

More than 30% of Catalonia is protected nature reserve (comparable to countries like Poland, Germany and Austria) including a national park (Aigüestortes); nature parks including a volcanic area (la Garrotxa); and the Delta de Ebro(Wetlands). The camper therefore brings peace and quiet during your trip: it is possible not to meet anyone if you prefer to be alone.


With 5 climate zones and 300 days of sunshine a year, you can go skiing in the Pyrenees in the morning and surfing in the Mediterranean in the afternoon. Our Adria motorhomes are suitable and equipped for any climate, but in both winter and summer you will find a temperate climate in Catalonia.


Its rich history and culture is the foundation of Miró, Dali, and of course Pablo Picasso. You will find cities with architectural masterpieces of the Romans (Tarragona), the Sagarada Familia by Gaudi (Barcelona) but also the modern Hotel W and Barcelona Airport by the leading architect Bofill. The historical (medieval) towns of Pals, Miravet, Besalú, Peratallada, Banyolles, Castellfolit de la Roca y Rupit are highly recommended.

Food & drink

Catalonia has more than 10 wine regions with for example the well-known Penedés (Cava) and the Priorat and is the second largest of the autonomous regions in terms of volume of wine production, even ahead of the well-known Rioja and for example more than Austria and Greece. It is fantastic to travel through vineyards with your RV and visit a winery (Bodega). The national Catalan cuisine, presidented by top chef Ferran Adrià, is also wort a visit and, with 55 starred restaurants, is by far the leading “Michelin” region in Spain. The food is varied, with paella in the Ebro Delta, gambas on the Costa Brava, kale and sausage with white beans in the Pyrenees, but of course also pizza, chips and hamburgers in the tourist areas.

There is plenty to experience and discover in Catalonia. The people are friendly, helpful, and always in for a chat. Of course, it is useful if you speak a bit of Catalan or Spanish, but even without those languages you can get by. At the coast, English is already sufficient. So, we really invite you to discover all this by motor home. Book now and make a beautiful RV trip through Catalonia.