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At the 2018 holiday fair in Utrecht, we received many questions about the weather in Spain. The fact that it is also a good idea to rent a camper in Spain in autumn and winter is proven by the many camper owners wintering in Spain. Especially The Costa Blanca on the East Coast is very popular among winter visitors because of the pleasant mild climate during the winter months. The temperature is on average around 15 to 18 degrees and this region is also quite dry during the winter months. The northern part (south of the Pyrenees) and central Spain has a similar weather type as that of Northwest Europe with temperatures that are regularly a few degrees above freezing point, regular night frost and chance of winter precipitation in the form of snow, hail and sleet. Also the north-east coast (Catalonia) and the north coast (Basque Country) can have to deal with winter showers and nuisance as a result of that weather. So you can visit Spain all year round perfectly just make sure you choose the right region at the right time. At OrsonRent we recommend you to go down south along the mediterranean coast in winter time. From May to October the best regions to visit are the Pyrenees and the Atlantic coast. In Orsonrent we have beautiful routes for both seasons.