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Choosing a destination for a motorhome holiday

If you already have some experience and have really caught the motorhome virus, you can think about visiting the USA, Canada, Iceland or even New Zealand. Specialized Fly-Drive agents such as www.worldwidecampers.com help you select the right motorhome. If you have less experience or do not want to travel that far, the choice for a European country often depends on preference and time and distance. Every country has something beautiful to offer. Prepare yourself, read up on and visit travel blogs and motorhome forums. If your time is limited but you want to go a little further, Fly-drive is also a good option within Europe. For example, if you have a two-week holiday and are thinking about traveling from the mainland to Scotland, from the Netherlands to Spain or from Spain to Sweden, the Fly-drive principle is often the fastest and cheapest option for your motorhome holiday.

The best period for a motorhome holiday

If you are not dependent on holidays and the duration of your motorhome trip, the world is your playing field. Then the time of year does not matter. You can travel to the southern hemisphere in winter and experience the summer in New Zealand, for example. For those who do not want to travel that far or are dependent on school/work holidays, the season is important. In simple terms, there are a few important considerations: destination, experience, your motorhome and the costs. If you would like to visit Norway in winter, prepare for cold, short days and lots of snow. It is then very important that you already have some experience and that your motorhome is prepared of course. If you go to southern Spain in the middle of the summer, take into account some traffic jams along the way, full campsites and a temperature that regularly exceeds 40 degrees during the day. However, if you turn it around, so Norway in the summer and Spain in the winter, you have an average temperature of 20 degrees in both countries. If we look at the costs, the seasonal influence is also clear. In all European and North American countries, motorhome rental is expensive in the summer and relatively cheap in the winter. Of course, you can make use of this and, for example, fly to the south of Europe from October to May. Air travel is cheap and with the current diesel prices, every trip above 1000 Km can be crossed out against a flight outside the summer holidays.

Choosing a motorhome rental company

Professional rental companies: There are quite large differences between the various professional forms of business. Unfortunately, this is not always obvious from the outside. Keep in mind that someone who has more than one motorhome does not automatically run a company with a legal personality. We distinguish:

• Free companies: The companies that rent out motorhomes under their own company name are often local, national family businesses with only one or sometimes two branches with their own booking site that focus on the local national market. From the beginning to the end you do business directly with the company itself. In addition, the companies that arise from a dealership are almost always technically well-skilled companies, while the entrepreneurs who set up a tourist company to rent out motorhomes are usually companies with a high level of service and flexibility.

• Franchise organizations often organize their marketing and reservation centrally. Although the website and booking procedure often appear very professional and international, this says nothing about the service and quality of your final rental station. It is therefore possible that your booking goes smoothly, but that once you have arrived no one speaks your language and you are sent from pillar to post in case of complaints.

• Individuals and booking platforms: As discussed earlier in our blog. https://orsonrent.com/motorhome-rental-between-privates/ we do not recommend renting a motorhome through private individuals or booking platforms. There is often no legal certainty and cheap may turn out to be rather expensive.

Of course, there are good and bad motorhome rental companies everywhere regardless of the type of company. So before renting your motorhome, research the company and read the reviews carefully. Please contact the motorhome rental company personally and be informed. A customer-oriented organization will always be happy to assist you, but of course also pay attention to the age, cleaning and technical condition of the motorhome that is offered.

Choosing your RV

The choice for a motorhome depends on the number of people traveling, budget, offer, destination and preferences. Please note the name in the different countries: https://orsonrent.com/you-name-it/ If the group size and availability allow it, choose a van, an integrated or semi-integrated camper. This saves fuel and they are less sensitive to wind. If you want to go into the mountains or travel large distances, pay attention to the power of your motorhome. Choose an engine with at least 130HP or even better 160HP. The wheel size is also important for your safety and travel pleasure. Choose a motorhome with at least 16-inch wheels. These are much more stable and stand a bit higher, which means there is less risk of damaging the bottom of your car. For hygiene and comfort, it is always better to choose a motorhome with a separate toilet and shower. Also pay attention to the quality of the materials used. Cheaper motorhome brands are often more vulnerable. Your rent might be a bit lower, but it is also easier to damage your vehicle and its interior. Unfortunately, for some companies offering cheap motorhomes, the damage has become an important source of income.


Where and when to rent a motorhome depends on your preference, availability of motorhomes, and your experience. You can rent a motorhome anywhere in the world all year round. But fly-drive is certainly also a good solution within Europe. It is always faster and usually cheaper once you must drive more than 1000 km for your motorhome destination. Rent a modern van, an integrated or semi-integrated motorhome from a good brand with sufficient engine power. These are cleaner, more comfortable, and safer. Rent from professional rental companies, but always research the company as well. Check the reviews and contact them personally. Always check whether they speak your language.