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Why rent a motorhome in Spain?

The answer to that question is simple: time and money. Of course, we as a Spanish/Dutch rental company are not entirely objective, but the numbers don’t lie.

Starting you motorhome holiday to the sun from home

With a rental motorhome, the clock starts to run the moment you pick up the motorhome. After that, the same camper is often at the door for the rest of the day to clean it, make beds and furnish it. The next day up before dawn to cover the distance to the sun. +1,500 km or 20 hours driving on French motorways, so always keep in mind traffic jams and work on the road. Once we have arrived in Spain we have to recover for a day, driving a camper is simple but you must keep your attention of course. Now you can start your route in Spain. Spain is a beautiful but large country to discover so only for the north you need at least 2 weeks. So, if you go on a motorhome holiday starting from home, for let us say for two weeks, after 3 days in Spain you are already halfway through your holiday. After driving a total of more than 2500 km already you now must drive back +1500 km to go home. Unfortunately, once at home, you cannot put up your legs because you now must empty, clean, and return the RV you rented. So again, consider an extra day of rental.

If you fly-drive to Spain

On the other hand, if you fly you can be in Barcelona in half a day from home and back home in half a day. Traveling will only take you half a day twice, so you arrive in Barcelona rested and, and that is of course the intention of a holiday, you return home rested. With OrsonRent we are next to the airport, so between landing (check-in and paperwork) and driving away, are often only 1.5 hours. In net terms, you therefore have many more days left to discover Spain. You can therefore relax and really see something. You return the motorhome afterwards; we will take you to the departure hall in 10 minutes and you will be back in your country of origin after 2/3 hours of flying. Well-rested and richer with a wonderful experience.


Depending on your starting place, you can determine the number of kilometers after which you can determine the fuel costs. We assume a modern RV with a diesel consumption of 1 in 10 or 10 liters per 100 km. In addition, we use a diesel price of 1.50 Euro. Of course, the costs increase if you are going to drive these distances with an old camper or alcove motorhome, or if the diesel price is higher than 1.50 Euro. To keep the calculations fair, you must accept extra rental costs as your extra travel days must of course also be paid as rent. The journey also takes longer, and you must eat and stay overnight, so we have calculated a minimum sum for that as well.
On the other hand, we compare the costs for flying and what is striking is that these hardly differ within Europe. We can safely say that if you book a few months in advance, you can easily fly to and from Spain for 250 Euro per person. Even with 4 people you are always cheaper at the destination from Stockholm, London, Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam. In the graph you can see that the differences with 2 people easily add up to more than 1,500 Euro!

Safety and effects on the environment

The effect of flying compared to bridging large distances per motorhome is comparable, but it depends on the number of people. The more people take part, the cleaner driving will be compared to flying. To eliminate that effect, OrsonRent offers the option of compensating for your air travel in addition to your motorhome trip. So, you can collect your motorhome CO2 neutral in Barcelona. It goes without saying that it is much safer to fly than 3,000 km, tiredly driving up and down in a motorhome. In addition, your Spanish motorhome rental company is closer in case of calamities, familiar with the area, familiar with the folk art and they speak the language and can therefore guide you better. Make sure you can communicate with them too!


I think the conclusion is clear. Fly-Drive is much cheaper than driving your camper up and down to the sun. You have more time in the country and therefore see and enjoy more of beautiful Spain. You rest better, it is safer and now also possibly cleaner. Your local rental company can help you draw up a route and point you in the right direction with useful tips. That way you achieve exactly what you have as your goal for your holiday. In the event of calamities, it is easier for the Spanish rental company to come up with a solution. Do check whether your landlord has a modern fleet and speaks your language or at least English. Are you interested or do you want more information, let us know at: info@orsonrent.com, the contact form and of course you can also request a quote?