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Going out into the world with an old (retro) camper is a great, nostalgic, and romantic idea. In many cases, these motorhomes are also offered cheaply by private individuals and sometimes even by motorhome rental companies. Once underway, it delivers the ultimate selfies and beautiful stories. We fully understand it from that perspective. Unfortunately, the reality is not so rosy. Orsonrent is happy to explain to you why it is best to choose one of our modern Adria motorhomes.

An attack on the environment

Many retro campers have now been converted into food trucks. And for a good reason considering fuel consumption and emissions. A modern motorhome has more power, uses less fuel, has fewer emissions and makes less noise. Anyone who has ever crossed the Alps or Pyrenees behind such a beautiful fashion model knows what we are talking about. Driving up the Sierra Nevada at a snail’s pace in first gear in a diesel cloud might be fun for that dinosaur’s drivers but nauseating for everyone behind it. Consumption and emissions are an attack on your wallet, but above all on the environment. For the same reason, older motorhomes are increasingly refused entry into environmental zones and high fines are imposed if they are exceeded.

Safety and comfort

Admittedly, the experience of driving a beautiful old-timer often outweighs the loss of comfort. By giving up (driving) comfort, however, you often also lose your safety, such as crumple zones, modern braking systems, acceleration speed, airbags, etc. Of course, everyone has their own comfort requirements, but driving with 80 km/h full throttle without air conditioning and a smelly toilet is for the real enthusiast.

An attack on your wallet

An old RV consumes about 50% more diesel, so with the current diesel prices, every medium-distance trip is an attack on your wallet. If you unexpectedly get a technical problem, you must look for a handy man and spare parts. Most modern garages can read the problem with a computer, but in the case of an old-timer you have to explain by phone in your best French, Spanish or Czech that you are 123 km away with a camper that no longer starts. Then it is waiting for your parts. In most cases, that is the end of the camper holiday, and your beautiful retro camper goes back to its country of origin on a modern tow truck. Of course, you can always continue as a retro backpacker.

I think it is quite clear that we are not in favor of traveling with an old camper. The comfort and additional problems are a personal choice but the effect on the environment is an issue for all of us. Aircraft, busses, and trucks have to meet increasingly strict environmental requirements and new motorhomes are no longer allowed to leave the factory unless they meet those requirements. We recycle, take the train, buy fuel-efficient cars, and insulate our houses. So, if you can rent or buy an old camper for next to nothing, think about the effect that has on our environment. Old motorhomes ruin the unique image of the motorhome, and we owe it to future generations to offer them the opportunity to make a beautiful motorhome trip. In Orsonrent, of course, we only use the most modern motorhomes that meet the strictest environmental requirements. In addition, we compensate our own emissions, and we will offer the possibility to compensate your trip. More about that in a future blog.