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Prepare your trip

Preparing for a motorhome holiday

What do I need, what is available in the motorhome and what do I take with me on my camper trip? Preparing your motorhome holiday in Spain is a personal thing. There are people who prepare everything to perfection and leave nothing to chance, and there are motorhome owners who leave on spec and without any preparation on their road trip through Spain. Of course, something can be said in favor for both options. The real preparation for your camper holiday starts with choosing the type of camper or camper van and the possible equipment options. At OrsonRent we can fully equip your motorhome and Van with, among other things, the following options: towels, kitchen set, camping set, bicycles, etc. In combination with your GPS and the Apps described below, you then need nothing more than your clothes and valid identification papers.

Important paperwork

When renting a motorhome, make sure that your (international) driving license (all drivers) and passports are valid for the entire rental period. In addition, you need a credit card for the deposit of the camper. Make sure there is sufficient balance available on your credit card. Check it all out well before you start your motorhome holiday.

Bed linen

Motorhome equipment

Bed linen
In order to ensure strict hygiene in the camper, we make your bed with seasonal bedding. Just like in a hotel. This is professionally cleaned. It is therefore not necessary to bring extra bedding on your camper trip, although that is of course not prohibited. However, the removal of flannels and covers is not allowed.

Our complete kitchen and dish sets are for 5 people. If you bring your own sets, we recommend that you bring an opener, cutting board, tablecloth, coasters and a gas coffee maker in addition to all the logical items. Electric (capsule) coffee makers only work in the motorhome when you are connected to the grid. Do not forget your dishcloths.

Camping set
The camping set is fully equipped with chairs, a table and parasol (if there is no awning). OrsonRent does not rent BBQ’s. If you want to bring a BBQ, keep in mind that many areas in Spain have an open fire ban. Many campsites have a communal BBQ you can use freely.

Infant seats and boosters
We also offer child seats and boosters for rent that are adequate for all ages and that fit in our motorhomes.

At OrsonRent you can rent good bicycles for your motorhome and camper van holiday. These fit perfectly in the garage of the Adria Matrix or on the bike carriers. Are you bringing your own bicycles? Then consider a maximum garage height of 110 cm. Helmets are compulsory up to the age of 16 and only on provincial roads, except when it is extremely hot. Due to hygiene, we do not offer bicycle helmets.

All motorhomes are equipped with fluorescent safety vests, first aid kit, and a flashlight. However, painkillers (paracetamol, etc.) are not available. Depending on the season, if you plan to go into the mountains, it is wise to rent snow chains for your RV.



The Motorhomes are equipped with an extra battery for power supply. How long you can do with this energy is very dependent on the use and charging cycle. Under normal conditions and a full charge cycle (by driving or charging via panels / network) you can spend a full night. Of course, this is 12V, you can charge your mobile phones and tablet on the USB ports in your RV. Not your camera and laptop. Make use of stopovers (coffee, lunch, and dinner) during your camper trip to recharge it. At campsites and many camper pitches, you can connect the RV to the power network using the supplied power cable.

The Motorhome and camper van are delivered with a full water tank. You should have enough for at least 3 to 4 days. Of course, this depends on your real use. All RV´s are equipped with a filling hose.

We ensure that you always bring enough propane gas with you. The RV is equipped with an opened propane bottle and a full propane bottle. With normal use, this is always sufficient for your journey.

Cleaning supplies
Our motorhomes are standard equipped with a bucket, broom, and mop. You will receive a small bottle of universal detergent, but bring your own dish detergent, a sponge or brush and hand soap. It is useful to bring a (bio alcoholic) cleaning spray and a kitchen roll on the go. It is strictly forbidden to use abrasives or bleaches in our motorhomes, as they cause serious damage to the vehicle. Only use the supplied liquids for cleaning the toilet.

Navigate and search for campsites / motorhome pitches

Our Motorhomes and camper vans are standard equipped with a GPS route planner for all of Europe in Spanish, English, German and French. You can also connect your own phone and navigate with Google Maps, among others. Of course, a paper map is still useful for an overview. To find motorhome pitches and campsites, you can use apps from the websites: www.campercontact.com and www.park4night.com. It is not unwise to make a reservation on a campsite or motorhome pitch for the first evening. This way you have the time and space to arrange everything as desired and to get used to sleeping in the RV. If you are leaving Spain, inquire about the necessary vignettes along your route.

Personal equipment

Spain has 4 climate zones, so it can happen that during your road trip it is 40 degrees and bone dry in the interior and 20 degrees with rain on the Atlantic coast. During your camp holiday, you can take a walk on the beach in flip flops on a nice day and the next day put on your mountain boots and jacket for a fresh walk in the mountains or on the coast. Depending on your plans, we recommend the following: sunglasses (also for the mountains), suntan lotion (also for the mountains), a windbreaker, suitable footwear and above all, water.

A block away from our motorhome location in Barcelona there are supermarkets for food and a shopping center for all other things. Opening hours for Spain are well from 10:00 to 21:00 (except on Sundays). If you are crossing the border, check the customs of the destination countries.

Need help with your request?

If you need help making a reservation request for your camper rental with ORSONRENT? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you and make your next holiday a great holiday experience!

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