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Have a safe trip!

To insure a trip a motorhome there are three types of options to consider:

  • The vehicle insurance and accident insurance.
  • A travel insurance (not offered by ORSONRENT)
  • A trip cancellation insurance (optional in ORSONRENT)
The vehicle insurance (included in rent)

In ORSONRENT we work with the insurance company Helvetia through the insurance broker Zalba-Caldú, specialised insurance broker for the motorhome and caravan industry. The insurance covers all damages to third parties without limits and proper damages with a franchise of 750,- Euros.  All damages with a maximum of 750,-Euros caused to the vehicle by the renter during the rental period will be charged and subtracted from the deposit. We recommend to thoroughly revise the vehicle at the pick-up and at the return of the vehicle at the end of the rental period. Declare all damages on the contract to avoid any dislikes when returning the vehicle and reimbursement of the deposit.

The deposit exists as a provision for damages. ORSONRENT reserves a period of 2 labour days after the return of the vehicle for revision of possible damages. In case the damages need a third party assessment or in case of involvement of the insurance company due to damages incurred, ORSONRENT reserves a period until conformity about the repair is reached by all parties. The total or partial deposit amount will be returned to your bank account.

Accident Insurance:

Accident assistance is covered by Helvetia and ARAG Auto. Ask for a copy of the insurance policy and consult your own insurance for its covers.




The driver and all authorised by the owner, as well as all others occupying an authorised seat in the vehicle.



Travel Insurance (to be contracted by client)

The vehicle insurance as mentioned above does not cover any damages or robbery of any belongings inside the vehicle. We therefore recommend to consult your own travel insurance/credit card company of its covers and if not sufficient, to contract your own specialised travel insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance (optional in ORSONRENT)

In ORSONRENT you can contract a trip cancellation insurance. Principal covers of the cancelation insurance:

Attention: the following summary is merely informational and has no contractual value. The policy will be handed over at the check-in of the vehicle or at request of the client before contracting.

ORSONRENT will reimburse the cancellation costs with a limit of 1500,- Euro in the following cases:

  1. Decease, hospitalisation, serious sickness or grave accident by the insured or direct family.
  2. Obliged presence business owner.
  3. Involuntary job dismissal.
  4. Start new employment.
  5. Act of piracy, land or naval, preventing initiating the trip.
  6. Surgical intervention of the insured.
  7. Call for urgent medical examination of the insured.
  8. Serious complication in pregnancy obliging inured to rest or hospitalisation.
  9. Premature delivery.
  10. Official retention of insured.
  11. Summon of insured for divorce process.
  12. Urgent call for incorporation to the armed forces, police or fire workers.
  13. Cancellation of people accompanying the insured on the trip, registered at the same moment and insured by the same contract as long as the cancellation of the trip is based on the same causes mentioned above.

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