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The best way to start your motorhome holiday in Spain. Tips and tricks to rent a motorhome from Barcelona Airport.

Tip 1: Choosing the location

Choosing the location of your motorhome rental is particularly important for a smooth and stress-free course of your motorhome rental in Barcelona. Not Barcelona airport: Reus and Girona Airport: there are low-cost airlines such as Ryan air etc. that advertise with Barcelona but actually fly to Reus in Tarragona and Girona. These cities are not even located in the province of Barcelona, ​​they and some motorhome rental companies however make good use of the name recognition of the city. Well yes, there are two Barcelona airports in the world: Barcelona, ​​Spain (IATA code BCN) and Barcelona, ​​Venezuela (IATA code BLA). So do not book your flight half asleep.

As mentioned, some motorhome rental companies advertise with Fly-drive Barcelona, ​​but when you arrive it turns out that Barcelona can also mean the province of Barcelona. Pick-up locations are sometimes 60 km from Barcelona Airport. As a result, some holidaymakers are unfortunately confronted with (unforeseen) costs. And although the distance in kilometers does not seem that great in theory, or you are picked up, you often lose a lot of time getting from one side of Barcelona to the other. At times, the traffic around Barcelona gets stuck with a lot of stress and high taxi costs as a result. You can of course prevent that, but then you must return the camper (too) early and waste your valuable time in the airport of Barcelona.

Tip 2: Do not check-in at Barcelona Airport itself

Picking up, checking in and returning your RV at Barcelona Airport seems ideal, but can have unpleasant consequences. A number of motorhome rental companies offer the possibility to pick up the motorhome and return it at the airport. They then send an employee (often at an additional cost) to the airport. Unfortunately, it is often busy, chaotic, there is noise, everyone is in a hurry, it can rain, the wind can blow and the temperature on the asphalt can also rise very high. The check-in and the vehicle damage check are then quickly scaled down because everyone, including the renter in his (unsuitable) clothing, wants to get out of there as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the problems come afterwards. You no longer remember what has been told and you overlook things that can be costly in the end. Then one has to find a way out through the busy traffic with the camper or camper van. This means that you run the risk that before you even get used to the motorhome and its dimensions, you are driving around in the centre of Barcelona with your rental camper. All in all, not the ideal way to start your camper holiday relaxed.

Tip 3: It can be different and better

However, it can be different and better. Choose a motorhome rental company close to the airport that will pick you up and bring you back afterwards. To avoid all of the above problems, we at OrsonRent have specially chosen to install our base next to Barcelona airport and to pick up our customers by shuttle for free. That makes the process much faster, safer, and more pleasant.

The process is simple and fast

  • We are waiting for you in the arrival’s hall.
  • We will take you with our airport shuttle to the Orsonrent rental location just outside Barcelona airport. This takes 5 to 10 minutes depending on the arrival terminal (see map).
  • We do the check-In, this takes about 1 hour but if necessary we take the time. No stress, no sun, no rain, no noise, and distractions.
  • You will depart from Orsonrent within 1.5 hours after landing in Barcelona with the camper
  • The supermarket is around the corner.
  • At the end of the rental, you return the camper to our base.
  • We will drive you back to Barcelona airport in 5 to 10 minutes without stress.

The exit roads from our base are well and clearly marked so you have time to acclimatize, get used to the camper, have lunch, and do some shopping nearby. After your camper trip, it is sufficient to return the RV to us 20 minutes before your latest arrival time at the airport (normally 2 hours before departure). So, you can return your motorhome, throw suitcases in the shuttle and it is a maximum of a 10 minutes’ drive to the terminal. If you have any questions about a fly-drive campervan holiday from Barcelona-Airport, please feel free to contact us or visit our website.

Hasta pronto at Barcelona Airport.