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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about renting a motorhome in Spain? On this page you can read the frequently asked questions regarding our motorhome models, terms of use, extra options and insurances. You can also contact us and we will gladly help you on your way to a beautiful camper trip through Spain.

01. Can I leave my car at your base?

You can leave your car in our secure carpark.

02. Which motorhome model should I choose?

All our motorhomes (RVs) come with a high level of standard equipment, howeversome models do have additional features and benefits which you may want to enjoy during your holiday. We recommend you read the vehicle specifications for more information.

03. Who is allowed to drive?

(Registered) passengers at least 25 years old holding a valid driver’s license type B and with 2 years driving experience. Any persons not resident in the territory of the EU must be in possession of an international driving licence.

04. How much is the deposit and can I pay for it in cash?

The deposit is 750, – euro and, for security reasons, it can only be paid by credit card at the time of delivery of the motorhome.

05. Is it difficult to drive a motor home?

Absolutely not, once you are used to the vehicle, it is just like driving a large car. The elevated driving position and comfortable seating makes driving our vehicles a pleasure.

06. How does a motor home work?

At the check-in we will explain to you all the features our motorhomes have. We will also provide you with the instruction manual for the vehicle. However, if you have any problems, we are available 24/7 to assist you with any queries you have.

07. Do I need to bring a GPS or hire one separately?

No, all ORSONRENT motorhomes have a fixed GPS included in the hire.

08. How does the insurance work?

In insurances you can read everything about insurance and its contracting. We work with a 750,- Euro franchise

09. What do I need to bring for the trip?

On this page you will find a helpful list of suggested items to bring on your trip. Always take into account the season you will be travelling and pack appropriately.

10. How long can we go without recharging the electricity and refilling gas and water?

Water: On average  on board water supply will last approximately 2-3 days, with 4 people travelling. Emptying ´grey´ waters (from the shower and kitchen) and replenishing  with clean water should only be done in the designated facilities. Most camping grounds will have this facility. The same applies for the WC deposit (black waters). Some gas stations will also have this facility.

Electricity: the motor home has batteries in the living area. These are automatically recharged when driving, they can also be charged by connecting them to a 220W plug. Charging points are  available at most motorhome and camping grounds. However, it is advisable not to waste available energy. Mobile devices, can be charged while driving using a USB port.

Gas: Hot water for the kitchen and power for the fridge are provided by two butane/propane gas bottle. We will provide you with sufficient gas for the agreed rental period.

11. Why can we not use our own bed linen?

For your convenience and comfort we prepare your beds with our bed linen. This way we can guarantee the utmost hygiene and protection for our mattresses. You can always bring your own pillow of course.

12. Where do I pick up and return the motorhome (RV)?

You can collect your ORSONRENT motorhome (RV) at our base, however we can arrange an alternative collection and drop off point by prior arrangement.

13. Who cleans the motorhome?

We ensure your motorhome is professionally cleaned before each collection. Cleaning service is included in the price. However, in case of misuse (smoking, animals etc.), you will be charged for the additional cleaning required.

14. Can we bring bicycles?
Yes, the vehicle garage has a space for bicycles. How many will fit will depend on the sizes and what other things you want to bring. If you prefer, you can rent them at OrsonRent.
15. Can we travel outside Spain?

Yes, your insurance allows you to travel in all of Europe. If you want to travel outside the European borders, please contact us and we will assist in making the necessarily arrangements.

16. How many kilometers can we drive?

You have 1.500 free kilometers per week. For 3 days rental periods or less you have 800 free kilometers, above that we will charge you an additional € 0,31 per kilometer.

17. Do the motorhomes have a television?

No, we recommend you bring a laptop or other mobile device if you wish to watch films or better still….. enjoy the scenery!

18. How can I cancel my trip?

When making a reservation, you can always opt for a cancellation insurance. If you chose not to have one and you decide to cancel your trip,
we apply the following costs:

If you communicate your cancellation:

1.- until 50 days before starting your trip: 15% of the total sum
2.- until 30 days before starting your trip: 50% of the total sum
3.- between 15 and 30 days before starting your trip: 80% of the total sum
4.- less than 15 days before starting your trip: 95% of the total sum

Check our Covid19 special cancellation policy

19. Can I bring a pet?

Although we love them, pets cannot be brought unless OrsonRent has given its express written authorization.

Need help with your request?

If you need help making a reservation request for your camper rental with ORSONRENT? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you and make your next holiday a great holiday experience!

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