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If you are planning a motorhome trip in Spain, being over 25 and in possession of a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years are general requirements. Another requirement for hiring a vehicle for Non EU-members is the International Drivers Permit or IDP. Without the permit, due to insurance issues, motorhome rental companies such as OrsonRent, , will refuge to hand over a motorhome(RV) or camper van. As a driver you could also face punishment if stopped by law enforcement officials while driving in Spain and the other EU-members: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy and Slovenia. For EU members: If you are in the possession of a driver´s license issued in one of the EU countries your license is valid in all EU countries*.

What is an IDP?

An international driver’s permit in Spain is a translated version of your original license. It is available only to those who are currently licensed in their home country. The license, in 10 languages, makes it easy to learn your name, address and other information without language barriers. Your name and other license information are shown in a standard, internationally recognized format, and a passport-size photo completes the identification.


An IDP is NOT an international driver’s license, it only certifies the validity of your home driver’s license so you will still need to carry a valid driver’s license from home. Even in countries where it is not required, the International Driving Permit is worth having just to make sure that your driver’s license is accepted by local motorhome (RV) rental companies, car rental agencies and traffic police.  Because the license is simply a translation of what is already on file, applicants are not required to take any type of road or written tests. The international driver’s license in Spain is valid for 12 months and cannot be renewed. Should your time in Spain extend past this 12 month period, a permanent license should be considered. It is also possible to apply for a secondary permit. The license is valid for 12 months following the date of issuance, not the day of arrival in the country.

* If you have required an EU driver’s license by changing your non EU license for a EU license and you are moving to another EU country, your EU license might not be valid. Every EU-country has its own rules on this matter.