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Special cancellation policy Covid-19

Now, more than ever renting a motorhome is an ideal and safe way to travel, but like all of you, we are aware of the impact of Covid-19 in our lives. In order to offer you our rental services as always, with complete peace of mind and security, we have designed a special cancellation policy so that, in the event that your vacation is directly affected by this pandemic in an unexpected way, you will not also suffer an economic loss.

In the event that you have to cancel your trip before starting it for the reasons detailed below, we will refund the money for your reservation without applying any cancellation fee:

a) Illness supervening by Covid19 of the client or a relative of theirs in the first or second line of consanguinity (parents, siblings, children) or spouse.

b) Obligation of the driver or one of the people traveling with him, employed in the health or security sector, to return to work unexpectedly due to the Covid19 virus.

c) Restrictions on mobility that prevent leaving the Autonomous Community of Catalonia for rentals of more than 7 days.

d) Restrictions on mobility that prevent leaving Spain for rentals of 2 weeks or more.

To benefit from this special cancellation policy, points a and b must be duly justified with the corresponding medical certificates or supporting documentation. In case of lack of justification, the general cancellation conditions will apply.

Finally, if the cancellation for the aforementioned reasons takes place once your trip has been paid and started, you will receive a voucher for the amount of the entire days not enjoyed. We wish you and your loved one’s good health and hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible.

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